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There Is More Coming!

Welcome to the End of Summer and Entering of Virgo Season!

I wish everyone out there a smooth transition into the last quarter phase of the year and hope that you will take note of the abundance that is in your life.

By Abundance, I mean the flow towards you and away from you. The harvesting of your blessings and the letting go of what will not be needed as you enter the darker half of the year. For example, shifting to perhaps a more grounded or inward focused practice.

I hope you will find the courses that are rolling out will benefit you or someone you know in creating a more Abundantly Loving Relationship with Yourself and with your Personal Yoga Practice.

As you all know, Building a Home for Spirit Courses are for those that want to learn from the foundations of yoga, body, and breath to create a Home for a contented, courageous, loving spirit.

Creating a Personal Yoga Practice

is an important ingredient to rebuild trust you may have lost in Yourself and in Spirit and reconnects you to a romantic symbolic life that is curious, funny, exciting, frustrating, and sometimes very painful, but will feel like you are blessed to be witnessing and having a role, no matter how big or small in this Grand and Lovingly Mysterious Life!

If you are into all that! Hahaha

I don't consider myself an actress, but I do love seeing my life through the many lenses of the various roles, characters I get to inhabit, as a nurturer, a supporter, a partner, an intuitive, an empath, a protector, a critic, an adventurer, an intellectual, an analyst. And learning to love and have a relationship with these quirky, sometimes annoying, sometimes adoring pieces of myself can be a fun adventure, as much as exploring Alaska or a foreign country!

Because no matter where you go, you always go with yourself. And no matter what the experience is, it can be seen through the lens of Adventure, Curiosity, and Appreciation if you so choose!

Que the Bhagavad Gita!

"Yoga is the journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self"

As such, I feel called, but really it just makes sense to me to share with people the "How" do you build a personal practice with confidence and courage and sustainability?

The sustainability is one of the important aspects to me, you might call it commitment, because I feel it is a necessary part of learning to live in a "Modern" conveniences with somewhat of Ancient Bodies and Spirits. I believe we are meant to function with body and spirit, but as body and external environment changes we need to learn to to deliberately keep our body functioning in a way that lets spirit flow through us.

I heard the other day that "Change" is what happens around us, but "Transformation" is a psychological relationship we move through as change is happening. A Personal Yoga practice is "How" I believe we give our Psyche time to adjust and be acknowledged so that we can adjust to the the external changes with grace, courage, and love.

So, learning to Build a Home for Spirit and Creating a Personal Yoga Practice is a choice to take responsibility for your energetic and psychological bodies as we move through external changes. This program will start with Foundations of Asana and Breath, the ABC's so to speak, so that each person learns to how start and set up a Yoga practice so that you have solid foundations on with to:

  • grow and transform

  • keep clear from build of of excess waste and consumption

  • teach you how to Read the Road Map of the Body, acknowledge your inner voice & spirit

  • give you the tools to Rebuild Imbalances and blockages to be adaptable to change

It is not that I have found some magic recipe or that I am any more motivated than anyone else on the planet, to the contrary, I think I probably have found all sorts of ways to avoid my practice and yet still here I am because I have learned how to have a relationship with it and with the wisdom of the 8 Limb Path, Chakra Energy, Laws of Physics, Astrology and so much more, and not perceive my practice as something I must consume and be done.

I think one of the biggest hurdles to owning your practice and well being is the shift of mindset to filling yourself up or at least keeping some gas in the tank before you drive everyone else around. And viewing your practice, body, mind and spirit as a relationship partner rather than something you have to do. It's something that is offering you insight, compassion, and clarity, rather than taking from you time, energy, or space.

The First 3 Courses are out!

  • Foundations of Asana

  • Foundations of Breath

  • Clearing and Creating Space

The Foundations of Asana Course and Foundations of Breath shown below are all about the Root Chakra and the principals and practices that create a strong steady connection to the body and to the earth, no matter if you are on your feet, your knees or on your shoulders!

The Clearing and Creating Space Course shown below is about the principals and techniques that are needed to open up space in our body, mind, and spirit so that we can see beyond just the most dominate parts of our protective nature and become the courageously loving leader of our whole self, all our pieces, young or old within us that need our acceptance and re-connection. We move into Sacral Chakra in this Course.



Yoga Sutra 2.46 – “sthira-sukham asanam”. Roughly translated that “postures should be stable and comfortable", or often described as "steadiness and ease". This course is to address "How" to begin so that steadiness and ease is built into the STRUCTURE of the BODY and the intention.

September 30th | 11am-5pm | $297


This class may be completed before or after Asana Foundations, but is part of the pre-requisite to Clearing and Creating Space. It operates on the same premises as Foundations of Asana, namely

Yoga Sutra 2.46 – “sthira-sukham asanam”. Roughly translated that “postures should be stable and comfortable", or often described as "steadiness and ease". This course is to address "How" to begin so that steadiness and ease is built into the FEELING of BREATH and the intention.

October 14th | 11am-4pm | $235



This course is recommended after Foundations of Asana and Breath. Clearing and Creating Space is the next step. We address the linking of body and breath, the 7 movements of the spine, and additionally simple starting practices that are associated with "How" to cleanse the body, the mind and the spirit on a daily basis will be addressed.

October 28th | 11am-5pm | $297


1.Vedic Thai

Assisted Yoga

It resembles an assisted yoga asana, but with the river of loving intentions and faith of breath to aid the release. It becomes an Earth Dance.

2.Building A Home For Spirit Courses

Learn to build a sustainable personal Yoga practice that grows with you. Build your confidence and trust in yourself and your connection to your practice.

3.Group Classes

Group classes 7 days a week to support your connection to community and provide you a space to meet yourself and your breath as you are rebuilding your Home.

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