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Following the Chakra Trail!

Following the Chakra Trail is a great way to design your practice or to take an exploratory journey through your body.

Building anything in the material world, which includes your body, usually starts from the ground and grows from the earth into the sky.

So amongst the "Foundation" Course Topics there are several that teach the physical, energetic, mental and emotional practices of building a foundation first.

Click here for a simple walk through a

that brings

awareness and feeling of prana (life force) into of each of the chakra centers.

There is a wealth of information in each one of these areas of the body. If you spend some

intentional time with yourself, you may hear the wisdom begin to pour out.

This week and continuing into next week Danielle will be exploring the Chakras in our

morning Group classes using asana, breath and sound.

Join us for a day or two or three of exploring the Chakra Trail

Need a Drop In, Class Card or Unlimited Membership

The Foundations of Asana Course shown below is all about the Root Chakra and the principals and practices that create a strong steady connection to the body and to the earth, no matter if you are on your feet, your knees or on your shoulders!



Yoga Sutra 2.46 – “sthira-sukham asanam”. Roughly translated that “postures should be stable and comfortable", or often described as "steadiness and ease". This course is to address "How" to begin so that steadiness and ease is built into the structure and the intention.

September 30th | 11am-5pm | $297. Register Here Today!

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