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There are a number of Private sessions available to guide you to connect with your own creative power. 


Yoga Asana Practice: This session is focused on your physical practice and how to build your postures (asana) from the ground up in a personal way that focuses on rebalancing your physical body with strength and opening.  Since the body, energy and mind are intricately connected, the benefits and awareness you gain from finding physical balance will also provide benefit energetically and mentally. 

Assisted Vedic Thai Yoga or Assisted Thai Yoga with Deep Tissue Massage:: This one on one session is a Traditional Vedic Healing Art  to aid in grounding the energetic body in a safe place for realization of our true nature and wholeness. This practice has the potential to realign the energetic, emotional, and physical bodies using intentions of loving kindness, grounding touch, intuitively guided movements, breath, and prayer.  Assisted yoga is performed fully clothed on a futon mat.  An additional option is to add Deep Tissue Massage to this practice; offered with two therapists working together as a team to target, open and release the most stubborn areas of the body and mind. 

Breath Training and Meditation: A practice session focused on learning to use the full capacity of the breath by understanding the basics of breath anatomy, stress response in the body and how strengthening breath muscles and awareness creates a non-judgmental awareness of body, energy, and mind fluctuations. Practice includes breath strengthening, breath awareness, and various meditation techniques. 

Personal Yoga Self Study:  This program is for students wanting to begin a personal Yoga practice starting with the 3 principals outlined in the second Limb of Yoga (Niyamas); ONE is tapas, a consistent daily practice (asana), TWO is self-study (journaling), THREE is isvarapranidihana (meditation).  This program will allow the student to study with a teacher the techniques used to address these 3 principals and how to apply these practices on and off the mat.  This program allows the student to renew for one, two or as many months that fits the pace of your practice and growth. you may learn and practice with your guide at your own pace. 

Group Private Sessions (2-5 people or 6-12 people): Bring your Family, Group of Friends, Sorority Sisters, Bachlorlette Party, Birthday Party, or Work Field Trip for Yoga, Breath/Meditation, Aerial, Assisted Thai Yoga Partner Self Care, or Acro Yoga Partner Fun! Group sessions are either 1 hr (1 hr class) or 2 hrs (1 hr class plus 1 hr rental space). 

Steps to Scheduling a Private Session: 
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