TO TEACH how to connect with the body and inner wisdom, choose self love and create balance through the application 8 limb path of yoga
TO GUIDE practitioners to be curious, discover, and act from the wisdom of their own inner voice. 
TO ENCOURAGE PLAY as a way to develop intuitive feminine powers and senses of connection, beyond linear perceptions and concepts, needed to create and manifest our desires. 

Our Family

Yoga Underground was born in 2010. 

We have been sharing our love of the 8 limb path of yoga in Chadds Ford since 2012.  We wanted to create a community of like minded people and a home for each of us to grow towards our own light and love.  We are all teachers to each other and we live, breath, and practice yoga as our way of life.  We have a passion for sharing what we have learned to help you find your own path to growth and fulfillment in your life. 


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    Danielle Lindner

    I discovered yoga in 2007 during a time of life transition. It quickly became a life line to saving my spiritual self through committed practice of the 8 limbs of yoga. My prior background as a chemist created a natural opportunity for me to study the mind, body, and energetic aspects of self. I found that learning to balance and honor both the energetic and physical bodies is key to living at peace in this life and I am passionate about sharing my experiences and struggles as guiding tools for others to grow and discover for themselves how to create balance in their lives. 
  • Susan Smith

    Susan Smith, yoga teacher, spiritual guide and author of “The Power of Yoga” has over 30 years of education and experience in health, wellness, yoga and spiritual awakening. Classically trained in the Himalayan tradition and Eight Limbed Path of Yoga, her work focuses on using ancient philosophy as guidelines for living a purposeful life. Susan founded One-Yoga, a yoga school dedicated to improving the quality of life by sharing the deep personal work and practical approach of yogic principles and practice.
  • Eric Toedter

    I believe activity is essential to finding ease within the mind and the meat suit which we were born into in this lifetime.  Specifically, I found Ashtanga yoga to bring relief from pain related to scoliosis.  I emphasize precise alignment in my classes and offer students encouragement and enthusiasm  to work to their abilities.  I like to offer clear guidelines derived from the 8 limbs, which are aids in focusing attention and increasing awareness. 
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    Simone Twombly

    I enjoy a powerful hot yoga flow, contrasted by gentle yoga classes with an emphasis on deep breathing techniques to help settle the mind and bring attention to the present moment. I later fell in love with the yin yoga practice and was compelled to share this type of practice as well. Grown from my own difficult experiences, I have developed a passion for the long-term healing properties of diet, yoga, cardio combined weight lifting exercises and meditation. I love nothing more than helping others incorporate better habits and practices into their lives.

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