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TO TEACH how to CONNECT with the body and inner wisdom, choose SELF LOVE and create balance through the application 8 limb path of yoga
TO GUIDE practitioners to be CURIOUS, discover, and ACT from the wisdom of their own inner voice. 

TO ENCOURAGE PLAY as a way to develop and understand BALANCE,  harmony, and contentment with the concepts of duality in life. 

Yoga Underground was born in 2010. 

We have been sharing our love of the 8 limb path of yoga in Chadds Ford since 2012.  We wanted to create a community of like minded people and a home for each of us to grow towards our own light and love.  We are all teachers to each other and we live, breath, and practice yoga as our way of life.  We have a passion for sharing what we have learned to help you find your own path to growth and fulfillment in your life. 


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