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And It All Falls Down!

Welcome to the descent into the darker half of the year!

I know that probably doesn't sound very exciting or inspiring to many, but there is great peace and contentment that comes with having a healthy relationship with the darkness. And I don't mean darkness as evil, but I do mean with our relationship to the natural process of destruction, falling apart, falling down, or falling away. Because even though we know logically that things come to an end and change, we tend to want to avoid the feelings that come up when this happens.

How does our Personal Yoga Practice help us with our relationship to darkness?

I know it sound cliche, but it is a universal truth that "Breath = Wisdom" and learning to have mastery or even consciousness of breath and feeling of breath is a very important practice when we are relating to the darker days, endings, or change.

Here is how! As we learn to breathe in and out fully, more deeply, and hold the breath out in emptiness, we begin to gain wisdom that comes with emptiness, with allowing things, people, and activities to fall away or to change because what arrives with exhaling is clarity, space, freedom, new eyes to see!

These benefits we are afforded when we learn to feel, face, and allow a relationship with darkness, feeling hard things, the leaves falling, the sun lowering it's path in the sky.

We are unburdened when we stop fighting and resisting the change and the process, essentially, stop fighting the feminine energy of life!

The cool, dark, process oriented, digestive YIN energy.

I practice conscious breathing every day, often many times a day! Because the fact is you can practice conscious breathing anywhere! And I mean anywhere!

Hopefully You are going to breath all day long so you can decide anytime during your day to make the breathing conscious.

At work, In the car, making dinner, having your coffee, making love.

If you are someone who struggles with the darker half of the year, of adapting or feeling resistant and feel an internal or external fight with changes this course is a great start to building a Personal Breath Practice that becomes and Ally to You!

The Foundations of a Personal Breath Practice

Saturday Oct 14th


Here are some of the things we will cover:

* Why Personal Breath Practices are important!

* The Anatomy of How breath practices work!

* How to start a personal breath practice!

* 4 Basic Yogic Breathing practices!

*When and Why to use the Breath Practices to support

your well being during the season of darkness!



This class may be completed before or after Asana Foundations, but is part of the pre-requisite to Clearing and Creating Space. It operates on the same premises as Foundations of Asana, namely

Yoga Sutra 2.46 – “sthira-sukham asanam”. Roughly translated that “postures should be stable and comfortable", or often described as "steadiness and ease". This course is to address "How" to begin so that steadiness and ease is built into the FEELING of BREATH and the intention.

October 14th | 11am-4pm | $235



This course is recommended after Foundations of Asana and after Foundations Breath. Clearing and Creating Space is the next step to understanding how to build a personal yoga practice. We address the linking of body and breath, the 7 movements of the spine, and additionally simple starting practices that are associated with "How" to cleanse the body, mind and the spirit on a daily basis will be addressed.

October 28th | 11am-5pm | $297


Vedic Thai

Assisted Yoga

It resembles an assisted yoga asana, but with the river of loving intentions and faith of breath to aid the release. It becomes an Earth Dance.

Building A Home For Spirit Courses

Learn to build a sustainable personal Yoga practice that grows with you. Build your confidence and trust in yourself and your connection to your practice.


Call if you ready to get back to group classes!

Group Classes

Group classes 7 days a week to support your connection to community and provide you a space to meet yourself and your breath as you are rebuilding your Home.

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