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Building a Home for Spirit

Learning to Read the Roadmap of the Body

It's not always, all or nothing, there are infinite possibilities of grey,

if your are willing to create them!


In Building a Home for Spirit Courses students learn how to create and sustain their own personal practice by moving through concepts that teach how the energetic body/emotional body grows from the inside out. When we know how to and where to rebuild and maintain a foundation of safety within the body, we are able to trust ourself to express with loving courage and kindness as we navigate the continual change and transitions of life with patience and balance. 

This Program is for YOU if...
You Long for Contentment & Balance

  1. You feel trapped in a situation and you feel like you need "Space"

  2. You are a giver and a pleaser, but that usually leaves you last and invisible   

  3. You are Adventurous and Curious by nature

  4. You don't know what it means or how to take care of yourself 

  5. You don't know your own voice and therefore refer to others and think others are probably right 

  6. The story that plays in the background when your heart needs you to love yourself is, "If I just do everything and everything perfect for them, then they will be happy and finally they will "see me, hear me, choose me" and know that I am worthy of their love and their ______."

Fill in the blank with your words ;  respect, acknowledgment, acceptance, approval, affection, attention


What Will You Receive in these Courses...

"The mind can learn to trust and let go if the body knows how and where to connect to the support of foundations."
You will learn:


  • Foundational principals that help you to start a personal yoga practice and integrate it into your life. 

  • To connect to your body and why it's important to create a daily minimal practice

  • How the body speaks to you in energetic voice through your practice and in the environment around you

  • To reflect on what is catching your attention and guiding you through journaling or sharing 

  • To rebuild alignment for pranic flow for nourishing and healing the body/mind. At the same time, strengthen and support the alignment by actively applying the 8 Limb Yoga Techniques and Philosophy on and off the mat.

  • To trust that you are not alone in creating your life by observing the energetic voice and outcomes that arise from practicing.

Most importantly these courses rekindle the belief that you and the relationship you have to spirit is your best teacher and guide.  When you know the foundational principals and how to apply them to your own unique journey it becomes a great beautiful ride! 

Building a Home for Spirit is a series of courses that include In-person instruction, practicumvideo and written lessons in the following Course Topics:

Foundational Courses  

  1. Foundations of Asanas.

  2. Foundations of Breath Practice.

  3. Clearing and Creating Space

  4. Top 5 Asanas For Starting a Personal Practice. 

Self Study Courses

  1. Foundations of Self Study: A Journaling Adventure.

  2. Reading the Roadmap: Acknowledging the Inner Voice. 

  3. Creating a Personal Practice Using the 8 Limbs of Yoga. 

  4. Practicing with the Natural Rhythms. 


These courses are to provide each student with step by step strategy for recognizing their own imbalances and how to then rebuild the emotional, energetic, mental, and physical bodies by applying the 8 Limb Path of Yoga, Chakra Energy Wisdom, and the messages received from your own inner voice by learning to read the Energetic-Symbolic "Roadmap" that is given to you. 

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