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Yoga Teacher Mentor Program

Learning to Integrate & Harmonize 

The journey of integration is learning to use the Yoga practice

to find a middle way. 

I can't think of many spiritual practices that do not teach a middle way. 

When we come to Yoga we often are seeing things in a way we have never seen before, but to continue on the journey will bring us back a little so that we can integrate the past with the future, the inside with the outside, the spiritual life with the physical life. Integration is teaching us to hold loving space for the opposites that are so difficult to understand, but have a way of being connected.  

This Program is for YOU if...
You Are Looking for Yoga Life Mentor 

  1. to work on specific areas of the practice when you are ready to go deeper

  2. to hold non-judgmental safe space for expressing what you need, want, are struggling with in your practice. 

  3. to support and assist you as you and your practice grows

  4. to act as your mirror 

  5. to be curious and ask questions about what and how you are expressing yourself

  6. to share tools that aid in integration of masculine and feminine aspects of self 

  7. to share experience with integration and reading the the body and energy through yoga practice 

"The mind can learn to trust and let go if the body knows how and where to connect to the support of foundations."
If You Are Ready to Get Started or Need More Information,
Let's Talk! 
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