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New Courses Are Rolling Out!

Built from my own journey and the death of external foundations in my life. The teachings of Yoga have taught me how to become aware of our inner workings and shift security, trust, and connection from the outer "Others" as primary support to the inner "Self" as primary support. The belief that in order to live in a state of ease, trust, courage, there is a re-orientation of where to find our primary Foundations! It doesn't mean we won't need external foundations too, but not as our primary source. The twist is that the body acts as a material structure that houses the invisible spirit/breath. Turn the attention inward and Build Foundation of the Body from the ground up and from the inside out and the heart and mind will align more easily and the burdens will feel safer to release when supported by connected energy of the root, sacrum, and core to the Earth.

There is much discussion and programs about healing and trauma in our world and I believe this is a great journey to be on, but I also feel that in order for the energy, the mindset, and the body to release the past it needs to know how to reorient the perception of foundation because in many traumas it is the safety of our original primary foundation that was disrupted.

These new programs are to put our Primary Foundations back into our body using breath and 8 Limb Philosophy of Yoga to aid in the Rebuilding of our Home for Spirit!

The Mission:

To Teach people to how to Build Connection to Body to support Foundation, Growth & Freedom

By creating strong Interfaces to the earth and Root principles & concepts

By mastering breath as an internal sculpting tool

By Listening to the Language of the Spirit as it Interfaces with the Body

By Following the Road Map of Energy using the wisdom of the 8 Limb Yogic Path



Yoga Sutra 2.46 – “sthira-sukham asanam”. Roughly translated that “postures should be stable and comfortable", or often described as "steadiness and ease". This course is to address "How" to begin so that steadiness and ease is built into the structure and the intention.

September 30th | 11am-5pm | $297. REGISTER HERE!

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