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Letting "It" In

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

by Danielle Lindner

Last week Nolan reminded us of the abundance of the fall harvest and invited us to soak in this enjoyment. There is a lot which can get in the way of our ability to do this. Much of the time, people dealing with stress are instructed to “let it go”, which is a very natural process of clearing ourselves of what is not needed, but there is an equally important process of “letting it in”. Learning to take in the world around us is essential for completing the cycle of life which provides us with what we need. This is particularly necessary when we are stressed out because we are empty. How often do I consciously let “it” in? What is “it”? And how can I develop the awareness to better answer these questions?

For me, “it” is the presence of life-force energy, or universal energy that flows through everything. Some may call this God. We receive and maintain this connection through our senses. Beyond simply “seeing” the plants that fill my patio, I must look closer to see and acknowledge that these plants also clean the air I breathe and bring texture and beauty into my life. As I breathe the air they release, these plants become a literal part of me, and vice versa.

“It” is not just eating a frittata every morning for breakfast. “It” is tasting every flavor of the egg, mushrooms, broccoli, and gruyere cheese, as well as the spice on the tongue added by a little pepper. I declared this one my favorite of the week. It’s the crunchy, salty-baked cheese on top and the time, effort and care of the people responsible for preparing and serving this meal. Noticing the energy and effort they have contributed, furthers my connection to the world around me, and the energy flowing through it all.

Letting “it” in is about receiving the graces of this energy from what ever you experience. Even if it is an uncomfortable experience, those moments give us the chance to see the truth and wisdom present behind the discomfort, which exposes opportunities for growth. These opportunities empower us, creating fullness in our souls and providing something for which we can be grateful.

Receiving is a filling up process that brings love into our physical bodies. It’s the currency that allows you to let go and give to the world your kind of love. So if you feel drained, or if you can’t feel the love in your life, you might be having a hard time letting it in. I find that many of us feel more comfortable giving than we do receiving. I spent many many years giving and not receiving. It’s not that there wasn’t anything to receive -- there is always an abundance of loving energy to receive. Instead, I wasn’t allowing it to enter. I had my guard up. I didn’t realize that I had to consciously let it in, which is largely about surrendering and trusting. I also didn’t realize that there is a natural equilibrium of giving and receiving, and if you don’t allow it to be balanced, we put a kink in the flow of loving energy, causing ourselves and our energy flow to become stuck.

I have found practices that help me when I sense this happening. And I invite you to join me in this practice. Let’s all let “It” in!

Slow Down. You can not let it in if you move faster than the energy can resonate and connect inside of you.Start with breathing slower and walking slower. When you see, smell, hear, or taste something, make sure to take a few long slow breaths, allowing yourself to take in that experience.If someone does something kind for you or offers you a compliment, say “thank you!”. Breathe as you say thank you and repeat their kindness inside of you over and over as you breathe so you really feel it. As my dad used to say, “Don’t just let it go in one ear and out the other.”Move your body so that your hips and heart open up. Come to Class!Use mantras to receive abundance into your being. You can use one of these, or come up with one of you own. “I am receiving life’s magic”; “I am accepting of universal love in all its forms”; “I am opening up to let IT in!”

You got this.

- DL

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