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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Learn Your Way, On Your Time, In Your Community


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program

Is This The Program For You?
  • Gain the confidence and skills for authentic, intuitive and meaningful teaching.

  • Find an empowered voice and knowledge base for all aspects of life.

  • Discover your path and contribute your gifts.

  • Learn the art of living aware, healthy, strong, and with ease.

  • Enjoy contentment and happiness in everyday life.

It is difficult to explain all that One-Yoga’s 200 hour yoga teacher training intensive encompasses. Some students come for personal growth, others to become a teacher, and some want to incorporate yogic methodologies in their professions or private practice. It is first and foremost a personal process. In order to learn it, one must experience it. It is a journey to discovering the truth – your truth – and learning to live your best life!


Yes, you will learn about anatomy, physiology, principles of movement and effects of modern day living on our bodies, minds and souls. You will acquire the skills, tools and experience to teach safe, intuitive, sound, meaningful classes. And, you will learn what it really means “to live yoga – every day”.


What differentiates One-Yoga from other trainings?

It is the deep personal exploration, practice, accountability and support provided in our small group training sessions. We teach each student how to live according to the Eight-Limbed Path of Yoga. Principles such as kindness, truthfulness, generosity, moderation, non-possessiveness, purity, contentment, self-discipline, self-study, and surrender are taught as guidelines for living your yoga both on and off the mat. It is a spiritual path to health, happiness and freedom. The course structure helps you stay on the path; it builds community, friendships and commitment.


Our 200 hour therapeutic yoga teacher training intensives use classical Hatha, Vinyasa, restorative and integrative health strategies; the comprehensive progressive course structure helps you stay on the path; it builds community, friendships and commitment. Study over the course of 26 weeks 

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What Our Students Are Saying about Yoga Teacher Training

Kaitlin, Class of 2020

My yoga teacher training with One-Yoga at Yoga Underground was a unique experience in my life at a very transformative period in my path.  At the time, I had never intended to teach, but I always enjoyed good yoga class, and knew there was much more to it all. The the Universe forced m hand a bit and I had to dive in. One-Yoga YTT really helped me develop my personal bratice and has given me tools I use everyday.  Tools that apply to all aspects of life. A personal yoga practice has so many benefits. If you are reading this and have even thought about it, do it!  It is an investment in yourself, and your are worth it!  


What can I say about the people affiliated with One-Yoga?  I could say that they have welcomed me into the heart of their beautiful being. A community based on supporting humans in their deepest time of need.  I remember feeling as if I were finally at home and accepted for the very first time in my life. I felt my entire life as if I was on the wrong planet and then I came to grow into my own skin, FINALLY!  Yoga Teacher Training taught me to take a rigorous inventory of my mind.  What a blessing it is to, now, sit quietly and finally hear Gods divine, guiding, and loving voice. Little by little, I broke out of the prison cell that once held my mind captive.  Currently, whenever I encounter a problem in lie, I come at it differently and I am able to ask myself the questions that need to be asked that before I was simply too scared to ask myself.  From what are you running?  Why? How can you change your view? Today I live free from depression, handle life with ease, and I no longer need pharmaceuticals for a physical injury.  I am truly loved. I thank you, all the teachers I've had the divine opportunity to grow with and am in awe of your unwillingness to give up on me.  Namaste. 


I began Yoga Teacher Training, like many in others, in the midst of a transitional period in my life, full of questions about identity, physical health, mental and emotional well-being and so forth. Having talked to a variety of people who had gone through the training, I found myself conjuring up the belief that YTT might answer all of these questions for me, relieving me of this responsibility. To my disappointment, this wasn’t to be.

What I did find were experiential tools, practices and processes capable of providing a clearer view of myself, others and the world around me. I’ve also gained valuable insight into the veils and clouded perceptions which are often responsible for dictating how I live my life, resulting in suffering and pain. In coming to a clearer understanding of myself, I haven’t necessarily found answers to many of the questions I live with, but I have found new ways of exploring these questions, serving as a roadmap and foundation for cultivating a life founded in the universal desire to love and be loved. This is not an overnight process and Yoga is not an overnight cure-all to anyone’s challenges.

While it is still too early to understand the impact Yoga Teacher Training has had on my life, I feel comfortable and confident recommending it to anyone who is interested in developing a more truthful understanding of himself or herself


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