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Opening Up to the "Underground" in you!

Its spring! How will you open up to live whats been brewing "Underground" in you? 

Spring is a time of awakening, of brightening, of energy, of coming to the surface, of moving from dark to light. What is it in you that is coming to the surface to bloom? What is it to be underground?  Underground is that which can not be seen, that which may not be understood, that which is secret, hidden or shocking.  Bringing to the surface that which is hidden in us is an emerging of our wholeness. 

We all have something underground that we have not understood and hidden.  I feel an awakening of wholeness in me.  A feeling of energy merging of both feminine and masculine spirit that resides in me.  Coming to the surface is my courage to sit in my anxiety that strength will emerge. And my move from dark of doubt and uncertainty is becoming clear as I walk forward on my path one step at a time feeling my way with trust and faith that I need to cultivate the masculine love in myself. 

This masculine love is strength, courage, of standing strong in my self, not giving my power away, and learning to trust my feelings and make decisions. When self doubt creeps in, trying to dig up what I planted in faith, I remind myself to awaken my masculine courage and do something for myself  that makes me strong, that grounds me and moves me forward and reminds me to honor my teachers before me.  I climb, I hike, I create strength in my core, I connect with the growth of nature, I stand up and root into a mountain pose, I walk the paths laid before me on roads, on trails, and across railroad.  I remind myself I am creating wholeness in myself and I am burning off doubt. 

This is the "Underground" me that is emerging this spring.  I feel a purpose and pull to support women and men on this journey to the surface and to find the side of themselves that is incomplete.  To ask what pieces of your feminine or masculine spirit are not yet developed and how can you act to support your full essences.  The opportunities for growth create fear and are usually those that we need to lean into. Yes, they require courage and a step into the unknown weakest parts of ourself, but in doing so you will find those feminine and masculine qualities that you need to awaken. 

In this season I wish for your new growth and that you embrace the opportunity to open to the side of you that needs to break through the surface of the "Underground". 

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