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If I can say it in one word it's 

Yoga is coming Home to yourself, to learn how to love your whole self family, all the pieces of self. There are many aspects to the self, some known to us and some  hidden or ignored, some that have been trying to get our attention!  In Yoga we make space for all aspects to be acknowledged and respected as having a place in our human experience. Yoga teaches us to hold the tensions of opposites, Yoga means to yoke.

Commitment to Practice and Relationship to Self

The way HOME is to commit (tapas a firey discipline and the act of showing up as you are in the moment) to building a relationship with yourself; all the pieces and learning to relate to the tensions that opposite, like your physical "finite" self and your "infinite" spiritual self. 


If you are ready to commit time, energy, and resources into creating a new foundation for your well being, then we can help!

Here are 4 ways to get started! Click on any of the options below to learn more. 

1. Customized Private Sessions utilizing Yoga technique, philosophy, breath and energy understanding, and Vedic Thai bodywork. These sessions are designed for you to give you the personal tools for your in studio or in home practice to begin creating the foundations for a personal relationship to your practice. 


2. Assisted Vedic Thai Yoga aids in grounding the energetic body, in a safe place for realization of our true nature and wholeness.  It is assisted movement and stillness, so the receiver may focus on breath work to nourish and to let go. This is especially helpful when the body is in a state of contraction and breathing is difficult. Anyone in a state of anxiety/fear or recovering from injury or just beginning to have a relationship with your body. 

3. Yoga Teacher Mentoring Program, giving you access to support and encouragement while you continue to integrating and build your personal practice after Yoga Teacher Training. ​Specializing in the integration of spiritual life and practical life through continued application of the 8 Limb Path and learning to read the signs of your inner voice and wisdom.  

4. Building a Personal Practice Courses provide you with yoga technique, philosophy, chakra energy rebalancing, and practical tools to build a sustainable personal practice that starts with understanding How and Why we need strong Yoga foundations before our spirit feels safe to grow.

5. Group Classes provide community space to clear and hold space for you to meet yourself and your practice. A place to practice what you are learning in private and program sessions or to simply just "Be" with you. 



TO TEACH students to CONNECT with the body and inner wisdom, CHOOSE SELF LOVE and CREATE BALANCE through the application 8 limb path of yoga 


TO GUIDE practitioners to be CURIOUS, DISCOVER, and ACT from the wisdom of their own inner voice. 


TO ENCOURAGE PLAY as a way to develop and understand BALANCE,  harmony, and contentment with the concepts of duality in life.  


Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self,

to the self. 

~ Bhagavad Gita

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Danielle Lindner
Owner of Yoga Underground
500 hr Yoga Teacher 
PhD Chemist
Former Lead
instructor for One Yoga YTT
Creator of Building a Home for Spirit
Inspired by the Interfaces
, Boundary Edges, Connection of Opposites, and Courage to Express the Inner World With Love.


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What Our Students Are Saying

Yoga Underground is an intimate space that offers so many different classes and workshops, My favorite is on Sunday morning where the opportunity to explore alignment with your own body type has provided me with so much information. As I move into my late 60's I feel that body work is also an essential part of my wellness program; the Assisted Thai Yoga is incredible. These are just a few reasons I am so grateful that Yoga Underground exists. 

Nora, since 2015

My profession demands physical strength and symmetry, but it's not easy for me to make time to care for my body.  Self-care is a learned skill, and Yoga Underground is my number one choice for support.  The teachers are such high quality, I can fully surrender when I come to class. To say that practicing at Yoga Underground is worth the time and investment is an understatement, for I have seen truly transformative work happening in this studio. It is beautiful to witness. I recommend this studio to anyone looking to take positive action in their lives. 

Hanne, since  2017

I started doing private sessions with Danielle in 2018. At that time, I faced some life changes, had one big surgery and was waiting (and dreading) for another operation. My body was weak and my mind was uneasy.  Looking back, doing yoga with her has been one of the most positive decisions I made for a very very long time. Her techniques and patience helped me to get my body stronger and relaxed my mind, even to get better sleep. I do believe that my yoga practice has helped in some important ways and learning yoga with Danielle has helped me to be more aware and in control of my body. It also helped me to relax my mind and let go of my worries. Most importantly, it helped me to discover the connection and relationship between our body and mind; how they influence each other and make us whole.  This has been a journey of self-discovery for me and I am glad I found Danielle as my mentor. She is not only very knowledgeable and experienced, but also very open, warm, and empathetic. I enjoy her guidance and company. I am looking forward to have more sessions with her.  

Xi, since 2018

Yoga Underground is my home away from home! Its is truly built on love, compassion, and understanding.  There is a class for everyone. Each class addresses your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being!! I am amazed by the insight they impart and the impact it has on my daily life. Come take a class, grow, repeat!! You won't be disappointed!!!

Dorothy, since 2013

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