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Pricing Options

If You Are New To The Studio
(Drop In's May Join Without A Call )
  • Please Book a Call so we can find out a little bit more about each other and if our programs and classes are a good fit for you and the intentions you have for your yoga practice. 

60 or 90 Minute Assisted Vedic Thai Yoga

This one on one session is a Traditional Vedic Healing Art to aid in grounding the energetic body in a safe place for realization of our true nature and wholeness. This practice has the potential to realign the energetic, emotional, and physical bodies using intentions of loving kindness, grounding touch, intuitively guided movements, breath, and prayer.  Assisted yoga is performed fully clothed on a futon mat.

One session $125

Package of 4- 60 min $400

Package of 6- 60 min $510

Package of 4- 90 min $560


1. Purchase your Session(s)

2.  Book Your Session.

Custom Private Sessions

May include any combination of 
Yoga, Breath & Meditation, Assisted Vedic Thai Yoga, Journaling, Energy Release Work , Partner Yoga 
To Book a Private Session:
Please go to the booking session link below to book a call and fill out the application so we can get to know each other. When we talk we can discuss what your intentions are for your private sessions and if our working together meets both our objectives. 
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