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Our hearts go out to everyone at this time and while we know that maintaining your yoga practice is a source of nourishment for staying grounded, balanced, and clear, it is also an expense during an uncertain time. Therefore, we are offering students the option to make a donation to the studio as payment for a class. There are donation options included in our Pricing Options if you click the "Purchase here" button below. 

In addition, you may also send payment of any of the below options, including donations to our studio Venmo Account at 

Danielle Lindner@Yoga-Underground

All classes are being held on Zoom meeting.   Meeting ID: 440 8007839


With Love and Gratitude, Danielle and The Yoga Underground Family

A discounted Student and Senior rate is also available for all full priced packages.
Not sold online, available in studio only.

Auto Renewing 1 Month Unlimited Classes $95

Single Class $15

This one time only special price is available to all students new and existing - join us for a month of unlimited classes and watch your practice grow. Take as many yoga and aerial classes as you want. You also have the privilege to pre-register for your favorite classes. For anyone 12 and older. 

This one month only special package, available to all brand new students - join us for a month of unlimited classes and also receive one private session with this offer.  Watch your practice grow, meet the teachers and other students, figure out which classes and times work for you.  Take as many yoga and aerial classes as you want. You also may pre-register for your favorite classes. For anyone 12 and older.  

Committing to your practice for 6 months is the greatest gift you can give yourself.  If you are practicing 2x/week or more and you call Yoga Underground your family then this is package is most economical.  When you automatically renew your monthly package for 6 months you are saving $5 or more on each class.


Our purpose here is to be your team of guides on your journey to living balanced in your body, mind, and spirit.  The yoga practice is your tool to understanding yourself and gives you the process to clear your own obstacles and bring you into balance and presence.  This package offers you unlimited yoga classes, 1 Assisted Thai Yoga or any style private session of your choice per month, and unlimited pre-scheduled Yoga Life Guided Sessions to listen, share, and guide you personally on your journey of learning and growing, kind of like a built in reference and guide team. 

Single Class $17

(donation options available)

When you want to come to one class and reserve your reservation you pay a flat fee for the convenience of pre-registration. 

10 Class Package $140

(3mo exp) 


10 Class Extended Package $150 (6mo exp)

If you want to save $2 per class over the drop in rate, then a 5 Class package offers you this option and pre-register for your favorite classes is available. There is a 3 month expiration with this package.  

If you are practicing 1x/week then a 10 Class package offers you $3 off per class and pre-register for your favorite classes. There is a 3 month expiration with this package.  If you need more than 3 months to use your 10 classes you may pay $10 more for the package and receive an extended expiration of 6 months. 

Kids can practice to with their own class card for the Elementary, Middle School or Family Aerial classes.

Private Sessions

There are a number of Private sessions available to guide you to connect with your own healing power. 


Yoga Asana Practice: a practice of the physical postures, breath linked movement, alignment, balance and focus.  Learn how the physical practice translates to your off the mat life through use of the 8 limb yoga philosophy. 

Assisted Thai Yoga or Assisted Thai Yoga with Deep Tissue Massage:: an assisted yoga performed fully clothed on a futon mat to create opening through passive stretch, pressure, massage, movement, breath, and positive intentions.  The addition of Deep Tissue Massage is offered with two therapists working together as a team to target, open and release the physical, energetic, and mental bodies. 

Breath Training and Meditation: a practice of learning to use the full capacity of the breath by understanding the basics of breath anatomy, stress response in the body and how strengthening breath muscles and awareness creates a non-judgmental awareness of body, energy, and mind fluctuations. Practice includes breath strengthening, breath awareness, and meditation techniques. 

Personal Combination of Healing Practices: a session designed for you with a combination of practices to help guide you to heal and balance your physical body, free your mind of destructive habit patterns and nourish your spirit. 

Group Private Sessions: Bring your Family, Group of Friends, Sorority Sisters, Bachlorlette Party, Birthday Party, Work Field Trip for Yoga, Aerial, Assisted Thai Yoga Partner Work, or Acro Yoga Partner Fun! 

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